The General Manger's Word

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In the name of Allah the Merciful
Praise be to Allah and peace and blessings be upon the Messenger of Allah Mohamed ibn Abd Allah the best of God's creation wholes...
It is a pleasure to me in my position as A General Manager of Bin Hamda Real Estates and Ben Hamda & Trading Contracting Companies To give you a brief summary of the two companies We started establish bin Hamda Real Estates in 1991 It is a company working within real estates services such as Buy and sell, rent, lease and management business Also within real estates valuation We, as an expert valuers accredited to the Qatari courts In real estate, we give the necessary reports to the courts for real estate problems, which are authorized by Different national courts as well as we evaluate the real estates for all banks and different companies in the State of Qatar and We Still work Since more than 23 years in this field and our giving is still continues and God willing We will growing strongly with the help of God and our giving will increase with the passage of days because of Our weapon is the credibility & Privacy& accuracy and access to even the smallest details of our work will be complete and undiminished
And we please Great God to be good when everyone thought us and to be reliable of the confidence of all of us.
With best Regards,

General Manager

Ali Bin Mohammad Al Hamda Al Naimy